Weiner's Public Service

Let's give Anthony Weiner credit where credit is due.  It's not just that he has given new meaning to the House 'Members' Gym.  And it isn't just that he is a veritable PSA for teens on the dangers of transmitting images electronically, sexting compulsions, lying, and taxpayer abuse.  Weiner has provided another invaluable service-- even if only inadvertently -- giving the citizenry a glimpse into the Congressional Gym.  The People's gym - built by the people; just not for the people!

The House Gym appears to be well equipped -- so to speak -- with nice, full-length mirrors, hairdryers, lockers, televisions, showers once utilized by an immodest Rahm Emmanuel, and plenty of exercise apparatus.  From Weiner's centerfold, we can glean it is well lit, and clean -- assuming you're willing to sweat next to Barney Frank, and step over Weiner's used towels.  Congressional members can use the gym for a fee of several hundred dollars a year -- roughly half the median annual cost of a private gym membership, including initiation costs, according to the WSJ's, Market Watch. 

It doesn't take anything more than common sense to know why photography is disallowed in gym locker rooms in the age of camera phones, certainly in a federal building with obvious security issues.  But photos of the Congressional gym have likely never been released -- along with photos of the Congressional dining room, offices, parking areas, onsite medical clinics, and the dozens of other perks and facilities our elected Rulers enjoy -- and for good reason.  Namely, mutiny from the few employed and still paying taxes -- most of whom make far less than the $174,000 salary of a House member, and enjoy far fewer benefits.

If there is a lesson for our youth, aside from the ever-declining ethics among our elected, it is that public service was meant to be just that -- service (preferably while clothed).  As the Ruling class lavishes itself at taxpayer expense, service becomes career; and career, government.  The obvious consequence is more and more government growth, and the subsequent subjugation of a citizenry at the hands of 'tools' like Anthony Weiner.

The realization may just make Tea a more popular drink among youth.  Tea is, thank goodness, now served in the still-subsidized Congressional dining halls.