WaPo adopts Palestinian vocabulary in 'news' report

In Palestinian parlance, use of violence to injure or kill Israelis is not portrayed as an act of terrorism, or even as a violent attack.  Instead, Palestinians call such bloody aggression by the pleasant-sounding euphemism of "resistance." Hamas propaganda maintains that its entire agenda is based on "resistance" to Israel -- not to kill as many Israelis as possible.  Ditto for Mahmoud Abbas, who celebrates Palestinian suicide bombers as "martyrs" in the cause of "resistance." But to unwary readers in the West, including many subscribers to the Washington Post, "resistance" doesn't convey deliberate spilling of blood, but as my old dictionary has it, merely an act of "active opposition." In this real sense of the word," the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. can be said to have led a non-violent campaign of "resistance" against racial discrimination.  But as becomes immediately obvious, Palestinian "resistance" is sharply at odds with the basic precepts...(Read Full Post)