Unbelievable: A 'mistake' in ObamaCare will allow millions of middle-class Americans to get 'free' medical care meant for poor

So says AP. I guess no one really did read this bill. Now that it has passed we can recall Nancy Pelosi's words that it needed to be passed so we can discover just what is in it.

Of course, this is all courtesy of taxpayers and American dollars from the Chinese (that our children and grandchildren will be paying back.

Think major media will cover this -- other than the WSJ and some conservative media outlets derided by most people in the media?

Abe Greenwald in Commentary:

Is it me or is this presidency beginning to feel like one of those preposterously beset undertakings destined to live on in popular culture as a legendary illustration of Murphy's Law? [....]

Spiderman on Broadway can always cut its losses, close up shop, and leave the world no worse off. The same cannot be said of a continuously bedeviled presidential administration.

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