Commies on parade

Two generations after the communists began to seriously infect the American public education system, communists proudly flaunt their leftist idealism and hatred for all things traditionally American. Two generations publicly schooled to be more "sensitive" to the position of others, especially leftists, has finally resulted in the regular public display of seriously anti-American sentiment and incitement to take action against our nation and its institutions.

Blogging at Ringo's Pictures, the blogger Ringo provides scores of remarkable photographs detailing the events at the annual May Day parade held in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2011. The images are frightening and illustrate the latitude we have allowed serious hate-groups and espousers of virulent anti-Americanism to move about freely and publicly call for the overthrow of the American political system.

Right smack in the middle of the reds we find a passel of disheveled, seriously overweight thugs from Barack Obama's favorite labor union, the SEIU. However badly we are discriminating against these unionistas, they certainly are eating well. The leader of their contingent proudly waves a bright red communist flag and joins in his troops leading the cheers for "Legalizacion o Revolucion! (Legalization or Revolution) among many other causes.

Joining the SEIU members are several other labor unions including the United Teachers of Los Angeles, members of La Raza (The Race), a racist organization promoting Hispanic superiority, and brown-shirted Brown Berets from what appears to be a para-military Hispanic organization called "La Causa" pumping their fists in the air and leading chants of "Chicano Power" and "Viva la raza!" Gays are represented by a full-throated contingent chanting: "We are the Queers."

The scores of communist flags on display are flown alongside many Mexican flags and maps and posters calling for the "Reconquista" or reconquering of California and other lands ceded by Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th century. The full litany of leftist causes is represented from the call for open borders, to signs demanding free health care, seemingly out-of-place posters promoting environmental protection, and "Tax the Rich" t-shirts and posters. Posters calling for war and revolution are rampant as are militant headgear including the aforementioned berets and checkered headwraps one would expect to see at a Palestinian demonstration. Posters featuring Che Guevara, Lenin, Marx and Ho Chi Minh are everywhere in evidence.

Is this not treasonous behavior? Clearly the Communist Party continues to support causes it feels are capable of undermining the American political system.

..Public Law 601, passed by the 79th Congress, (calls for) the (investigation) of suspected threats of subversion and propaganda that (attack) the form of government guaranteed by our Constitution.

Is this law no longer operable? I find these demonstrations repulsive and clear evidence of the intention of these groups to undermine our American systems of laws and way of life. I believe these organizations should be thoroughly investigated by Congress and fined, dispersed or otherwise punished. Am I the only one?

Update: Zombie at Pajamas Media has an article today on a later demonstration: "How a Teachers' Rally Made Me Anti-Education"

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