Top Democrat operative launches plan of attack in Wisconsin recall elections

The Democrats and their union comrades are pulling out all the stops in the Wisconsin in their attempt to seize control of the State Senate.  An unholy alliance of public sector unions and their Democrat enablers have joined together under the banner of an innocuous sounding organization called We Are Wisconsin.  The plan is a tried and true staple of leftist politics, get involved in the Republican primary elections and manipulate the process in order to ensure victory in the general election.   The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that in an email Kelly Steele, communications director for We Are Wisconsin said "it would be in the interest of Democrats to run candidates in the Republican primaries," adding that "it would be in the interest of flipping the Wisconsin Senate that interested Democrats contact the Democratic Party of Wisconsin."   Steele claims that his strategy has been developed to counteract a similar primary strategy that he says the Republican...(Read Full Post)