Tom Friedman's latest folly of a peace plan -- totally blind to Hamas's existence and agenda

In its June 19 edition, the New York Times runs a column by Tom Friedman about his own plan for resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Friedman's pretentions go well beyond a columnist's wisdom and opinions about current affairs.  He goes a big step further and fancies himself as a super-diplomat capable of cutting the Gordian knot to end the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With peace talks in limbo, Friedman proposes that the UN, the U.S., Israel and the Palestinians pick up the pieces by going back to the UN's two-state partition plan of 1947, which recommended carving up Palestine under the British Mandate into two states --  one "Arab" and the other "Jewish."  To bring the 1947 resolution up to date, Friedman would condition peace talks on President Obama's formula -- based on the 1949 armistice lines that lasted until 1967, with mutually agreed land swaps.  He also would have the UN recognize...(Read Full Post)