The Constitution's Demise According to Time: Nothing to See Here

The central-government media has finally given us knuckle-draggers an explanation of the difference between war criminals and constitutionalists:  It's party affiliation, and which party is in power. Time magazine's recent cover story "One Document, Under Siege" is clearly written as a response to the constitutional conservative movement, or as the essay says, "the rise of the Tea Party and its almost fanatical focus on the founding document."  It's worth reading for one purpose only, which is to understand the curious, inconsistent and anti-intellectual thought processes by which the left views the Constitution.  Through the words of Time managing editor Richard Stengel, we come to see the internal contradictions that the Constitution must be applied strictly, but then not.  That it's to be obeyed in some instances, but then not. Walking us through four topics of the day -- Libya, the debt ceiling, ObamaCare and immigration -- Mr. Stengel takes us through the...(Read Full Post)