Spot the idiots

We are fortunate to live in an era in which the pompous so readily identify themselves for mockery by the rest of us. The single most common form of such self-revelation is an attack on Sarah Palin's alleged stupidity. The latest blowhard to reveal his shallowness is Bill Keller, still holding onto a job as columnist at the New York Times after leading the paper into serious decline as editor for the past 8 years and being replaced last month. The son of privilege (his father was CEO of oil giant Chevron), Keller looks down his nose at Sarah in a Sunday New York Times column delightfully debunked by my friend Rick Richman, who points out that the supposedly erudite Keller entirely missed a literary allusion of Sarah's.

Our friends at have put together a compilation of leftists in media and politics making idiots of themselves. It makes for amusing viewing, but be cautioned that foul-mouthed Bill Maher is shown at his most vulgar, using a sexual slur against Sarah.


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