Soros-supported group behind trumped up choking charge against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Jonathan Tobin writes at Commentary Contentions that a Soros-supported group is behind the trumped up charges that  Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser "choked" a liberal colleague of his, Ann Walsh Bradley: The Associated Press is reporting a criminal inquiry has been opened into the accusation that conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser "choked" liberal colleague Ann Walsh BradleyChristian Schneider, a fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, writes in National Review today to tell the inside story about this judicial brawl. According to Schneider's sources, the set-to between the two judges turns out to have been instigated by Bradley, who charged Prosser, who had put his hands up to ward off his colleague's assault. The two were immediately separated, after which Bradley claimed she had been "choked," even though the majority of those present said it never happened. Schneider says those involved believe Bradley chose not to...(Read Full Post)