Scientific discovery that changes our notions of life here and elsewhere

We usually don't cover a lot of science on this site. Not that it isn't important; it's just that we are a current events/political site and science stories rarely rise to the level needed to make it on the page. This story is different. Scientists have been finding microscopic life miles below the surface for decades. But what they never expected to find - and indeed, previous theory argued against - was the idea that there would be complex life forms at that depth below the surface. Surely multi-celled creatures would need sunlight or some other kind of catalyst to survive. Not so: For the first time, scientists have found complex, multi-celled creatures living a mile and more below the planet's surface, raising new possibilities about the spread of life on Earth and potential subsurface life on other planets and moons. Nicknamed "worms from hell," the nematodes, or roundworms, were found in several gold mines in South Africa, where researchers have also made breakthrough...(Read Full Post)