Rev Guard website article: 'The Day After Iran's First Nuclear Test is a Normal Day'

You have to think, as The Guardian's Julian Borger suggests, that this article may very well be a signal of some kind being given by Iranian hardliners in the government. Appearing on a Revolutionary Guard website, the article discusses what the world would be like the day after Iran explodes its first nuclear weapon. Any mention of an Iranian nuclear weapon is taboo in the Islamic Republic, which insists that its nuclear programme is entirely for peaceful, civil purposes. So it is remarkable, to say the least, that an article has appeared on the Gerdab website, run by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, anticipating the day after Iran's first test of a nuclear warhead. [...] This strange, hypothetical, article, which first appeared on April 24, hammers home again and again the message that an Iranian nuclear test will not lead to disaster. On the contrary, life will go as before except that Iranians will feel better about themselves. Meir Javedanfar, an Iranian expert, finds the article...(Read Full Post)