Politics Stand between a Church and the Disadvantaged in Virginia

The Fredericksburg, VA city council has provided a clear reminder that you don't have to be a child to make life hard on a child. When Fredericksburg's Calvary Christian Church decided to expand its day-care operations so as to include a day school for disabled and therefore disadvantaged children, the city council said "no."  Never mind that the children who would be in the day school all have an Individual Education Plan which states they would academically succeed in a private day school environment. Such evaluations notwithstanding, the Fredericksburg city council decided to keep these disabled kids out of the day school, thus barring them from the one place where it was officially acknowledged that they could succeed academically. The city council's central concern with the proposed day school is a fear that the disabled students might pose a safety risk to the before- and after-school non-disabled day care students at the church's day care center that is already in...(Read Full Post)