Politically Correct Washington Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction

In 2007, Kevin L. Monday Jr. was convicted for the murder of Francisco Green and received 64 years in prison.  The incident was caught on a 3-minute video recording shot by a street performer, and the footage clearly shows Monday coolly and calculatingly firing 11 shots at Green on a crowded Seattle, Washington, street corner.  Thus, despite the reluctance of witnesses to testify, it was an open-and-shut case. But now the Washington Supreme Court, in an 8-1 ruling, has overturned the conviction and a lower court that upheld it -- thus forcing a retrial -- claiming that the prosecutor used "racist" arguments.  What is the supposed problem?  While questioning witnesses, veteran King County deputy prosecutor James Konat cited a no-snitching street code in the black community and made references to the "PO-leese."  Writes Jennifer Sullivan of The Washington Times: During the trial, Konat questioned witnesses, many of them black, about a purported street...(Read Full Post)