Obama no longer receiving daily economic briefings

President Obama has given up his daily economic briefings.  Maybe it took too much time away from his leisure activities. From The Hill: 

At some point during the first two years of his administration, President Obama stopped receiving the daily economic briefing that he requested when he took office.

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs announced at his own first daily briefing reporters that Obama asked for the daily economic briefing, described then as comparable to the daily intelligence briefing the president gets every morning.

"The president asked that this be added every day to his schedule," Gibbs said at the time. Gibbs added that Obama believed it is "important that each day he receive the most up to date information as it relates to the economy."

But at some point, the daily economic briefings stopped showing up on Obama's daily schedule.

 The economy is going down the tubes; Obama fails to deal with the deficit and debt problems (except to blast Republican efforts to try to solve the problems); millions are out of work and their time out of work keeps getting longer and longer -- destroying morale, people's finances and families; and the President chose a while ago to punt on daily economic briefings. Perhaps, Gibbs was lying to impress people that Barack Obama was taking his duties seriously. But aren't daily economic briefings -- especially since the disaster of 2008 and continuing economic weakness -- a smart idea regardless.

Austan Goolsbee, the president's  top economic advisor, is bailing out, returning to academia, welcomed back to the University of Chicago after failing to revive the economy. In government and the ivory tower, failure  has no consequences, but for Americans struggling with unemployment, the consequences are all too terrible.


But Obama may just have decided it cut into the time when he needs to "unwind." Or perhaps it was an annoying distraction from his basketball games over the weekend or his time at the nightclub that he has turned the East Room into via his soirees with jazz musicians and the like. One wouldn't want to take the President away from his planning for vacations and deluxe fundraising events across the nation.  Maybe he is just spending too much time coining phrases to disparage Republicans ("sipping slurpees").


The president has zero real world business experience and his Cabinet has been characterized as one marked by a notable ignorance when it comes to free enterprise and economics. Is it some of that smart power that Obama and his minions boast about to skip daily economic briefings (that would serve to educated Barack Obama) while the economy is in  a non-stop tailspin?


Dereliction of duty? Leading from behind?


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