NY Times hankers for 'Arab Spring' revolt in West Bank

In its Sunday, June 12 edition, the New York Times carries an article by national correspondent Helene Cooper about the absence of any serious revolt by Palestinians against Israel on the same order as revolutions convulsing other parts of the Arab world ("The Quiet Mideast Corner -- Surprise  -- This time, West Bank Arabs aren't in the streets.  One reason:  Their own leaders"  front page, Week in Review) The basic premise of Cooper's piece is that there exists an exact parallel of grievances between Syrians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Tunisians against their old, entrenched dictators on the one hand, and the lot of Palestinians in the West Bank under Israeli "military occupation." It's a parallel that doesn't wash, especially in the West Bank, but also to a great extent in Gaza.  Since the Oslo agreements of the 1990s, Palestinians have been granted considerable autonomy -- elections of local and national leaders, their own police forces, criminal courts,...(Read Full Post)