Maxine Waters ethics probe being stalled

California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters was supposed to be on trial last November for abuse of power before the House Ethics Committee (the very same body Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate Rep. Weiner), but that trial has been postponed indefinitely. Investor's Business Daily has the story:

...the Democrat leadership has delayed Waters' trial by blocking subpoenas and firing the lead lawyer working on the two-year investigation. Also, the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics panel reportedly is holding up the hiring of a new staff director.

In the long stall, we've learned that Waters' chief of staff heavily lobbied bank examiners, who according to internal emails were livid about the intervention.

Pressure from Waters' office resulted in a $12 million federal loan for OneUnited Bank and a unique exemption from the FDIC's accounting rules. One FDIC examiner called it a "travesty of justice."

Waters' husband owned $350,000 in stock of the failing bank, which would have become worthless but for the extraordinary loan.

This stalling is outrageous. Republicans should be publicly complaining, and noting that it is ridiculous to refer Weiner to the committee (which results in a news blackout and gives Democrats an excuse for not commmenting).

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