Hugo Chavez in 'Critical' Condition in Havana Hospital - Socialism or Death?

Hugo Chavez is in "critical condition" in a Havana hospital. That's according to unnamed U.S. "intelligence officials" whom Spanish-language El Nuevo Herald, sister newspaper of The Miami Herald, quoted on Saturday in an article being picked up by myriad news outlets and web sites. According to El Nuevo Herald's sources, Chavez is in "critical condition, not grave, but critical, in a complicated situation." It's the most tantalizing information yet about the Venezuelan strongman's mysterious health problems, which have dominated Venezuela's headlines for weeks. Cuba and Venezuela's information ministries have said next to nothing about what's going on, other than announcing that Chavez underwent surgery on January 10 for a "pelvic inflammation." In Venezuela, speculation has been rife that Chavez suffers prostate cancer. More ominously, within the past 72 hours Chavez's daughter Rosines and mother Marisabel Rodriguez have "urgently" flown to Havana aboard a Venezuelan Air Force...(Read Full Post)