How the left wins

Caroline Glick is discussing the biggest public secret in Israel, namely the dominance by the radical Left of the media and universities, when they represent only a fraction of Israeli political opinion.

The identical process has happened in Europe and the United States. The dominance of the Left is not a natural condition. It is imposed by constant Machiavellian power games that circumvent the laws regarding equal opportunity and equal rights. I have seen the identical process take place in American universities over the last three decades. 

Until the web opened up some genuine free speech,  the radical Left controlled the major media in Israel, the US, and Europe. That is beginning to balance out slowly, as the Jerusalem Post demonstrates every day. 

The editor of Haaretz was quoted two years ago as telling the Obama administration that "Israel must be raped." That is a correct quote, and it reflects the radical transnational agenda of the international Left. Basically, if  you believe that you can create a universal government that will be more enlightened and compassionate than any government ever seen before in human history, you can pit that utopian fantasy against whatever is real. Then you can really believe the slanders that are routinely published against Israel and the US. With an ideological monopoly controlling the media you will hear only one side of the story. This is suicidal, since Islamist radicals and Leftist radicals are now in a close alliance to destroy civilized countries. Europe has 53 million Muslims, who were imported as cheap votes for the Left. 

Obama is a radical Leftist (all his friends are) who is carrying out the desires of radical Islamists from Hamas to Iran. That is why he wants Israel to retreat to the 1949 ceasefire lines, which are indefensible. 

American Jews are still largely in denial of these facts, because they can't admit how wrong they were. It's cognitive dissonance. It's too painful to admit error. 

The worst result of the Left-radical Islamic alliance is the fact that Iran is now going nuclear without any serious effort to stop it. Iranian nuclear weapons will be quickly followed by Saudi and Egyptian nukes, because the Sunnis have fought the Shiites for almost a thousand years. So nuclear proliferation will spread, directly due to Obama's "community disorganization" tactics in the Middle East. 

The Left-Islamist alliance has long been fueled by Saudi and Iranian money in the US and Europe. It was exposed by Dorothy Rabinowitz and others in the case of Saddam Hussein, who bought the support of Kofi Annan at the UN, and Jacques Chirac in France, using "Food for Peace" oil dollars stolen from Iraqi oil sales earmarked to benefit children in Saddam's Iraq. Jacques Chirac is now on trial again in France, but not for this particular piece of massive corruption. 

 In Holland, Geert de Wilders has been on trial for telling the truth about radical Islam. The underlying reason is that Europe has become immensely corrupt. Under the EU, European power elites are no longer elected. Or rather, the elected ones don't have any power, and the power wielders are not elected. So voters no longer have any power to call politicians to account. Bureaucrats are tenured for life, like college professors, who are also selected for their ideological obedience to the transnationalist project. When money talks, it's easy for the oil states to buy power in Brussels and the EU. 

If Iran goes nuclear, you can thank Barack Obama and the Left for that. Ayatollah Khomeini was brought in by Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Turkey is now ruled by a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya there are huge struggles between Islamist radicals and a more modernist military. The "Arab Spring" is in fact the "Arab Regression to the Middle Ages." 

You can thank Barack Hussein Obama, and his very close friends of Code Pink, Jodie Evans and Bill Ayers for cementing the radical Left alliance with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

A new Mavi Marmara flotilla is coming soon, supported again by Ayers, Evans, Code Pink, Hamas, and the Turkish IHH party, with the explicit connivance of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, and the Obama Administration. Obama could tell these people to stop --- they are his close friends and allies.