Houston Cemetery Bans the Word 'God' from Military Funerals

This morning, just five days before the celebration of our nation's independence, I was shocked into wakefulness by a news item on Fox and Friends.  It seems that the Houston National Cemetery has now begun banning "God" from military funerals. The director of the Houston VA National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, has ordered the burial teams to instruct that religious references, as well as prayer, are no longer to be included as part of the burial services.  Requests for messages or prayers can be formally submitted for her approval, but the mention of "God" is not allowed. Ocasio has also ordered the closing of the cemetery chapel, which used to be available for grieving family and friends to gather and pray.  The space is now used to conduct personnel meetings, and for storage. Perhaps Ocasio is not aware that this country was founded by people who willingly uprooted their families and risked their lives crossing a violent and deadly sea to reach these free shores....(Read Full Post)