Historian Timothy Meagher thinks Obama too smart for the American people

Or at least, too articulate for us jamokes. Via HNN: Democrats are handicapped by their split electorate, explains Timothy Meagher, a fourth generation Irish-American and professor of history at Catholic University. Republicans tend to be white and working or middle class, while Democrats encompass the poor, ethnic minorities and Americans with university degrees. "The language that appeals to educated Democrats is more formal, more academic," says Meagher. "College professors love Obama, because his language is beautifully crafted. But other groups can find it alienating." Race further complicates Obama's linguistic choices. In his efforts to be a "regular guy", the president calls people "folks" and drops his 'g's. "If he indulges too much in colloquial English, it sounds like black argot," says Meagher. "It's easier for white politicians to descend into folksiness." Obama's intelligence and Ivy League education can be a political weakness that make him appear distant and cold,...(Read Full Post)