Graph for the Day for June 6, 2011

"Of the many accomplishments of Ted Kennedy, few have had a more profound effect on America-America as a state, as an economy, a society, and as a nation-as the first act he ever managed to passage, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965... it's likely that no political act of the last century has so changed America and put us on the path to eventually becoming a multi-racial nation as that law from 1965."  DailyKos.



Source:  CBO.

Hoven's Index for June 6, 2011

Foreign-Born Population, 1999-2009:

California: 26.6%

New York: 21.5%

New Jersey: 21.3%

Average of 31 states with lowest foreign-born populations: 4.7%

Fertility rate of US native-born women: 2.0%

Fertility rate of US foreign-born women from Mexico/Central America: 3.3%

Source:  CBO.


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