Eight Year Old Girl Used As 'Suicide' Bomber

How evil can evil get? This story coming out of Afghanistan says it all.

Taliban insurgents used an eight-year-old girl carrying a bag of explosives to attack a police checkpost in central Afghanistan, the Afghan government said on Sunday, making her one of the youngest child bombers of the decade-old conflict.

The incident took place in Char Chino district of central Uruzgan province, the interior ministry said. "The insurgents handed over a bag with a homemade bomb to an eight-year-old girl and asked her to take it to police forces," it added.

"As the girl was getting close to the police, it exploded and killed the girl."

Any politicians or diplomats out there who think they can "sit down" and negotiate with terrorists are delusional and/or complicit in blatant crimes committed against humanity.

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