Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Democrats to Form 'Perfect Slavery to Allah Party'

 From Ikhwan Web: Egypt's largest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood, has confirmed that it is preparing to establish a political party calling it the Freedom and Justice Party, or Horeya and Adala." Horeya or Hurriyya, Arabic  for "freedom," and the uniquely Western concept of freedom are completely at odds. Hurriyya "freedom" - as Ibn Arabi (d. 1240) the  lionized "Greatest Sufi Master", expressed it - "being perfect slavery." And this conception is not merely confined to the Sufis' perhaps metaphorical understanding of the relationship between Allah the "master" and his human "slaves." The late American scholar of Islam, Franz Rosenthal (d. 2003) analyzed the larger context of hurriyya in Muslim society. He notes the historical absence of hurriyya as  "...a fundamental political concept that could have served as a rallying cry for great causes."    An individual Muslim ...was expected to consider subordination of his own freedom to...(Read Full Post)