Drill here Drill now works - because it already has!

  Once again the fraudulent message from the environmental activists in the EPA is being echoed by a willing media, claiming  drill here drill now won't have an effect on gas prices when there is irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Where is the proof you ask?  Currently there is one commodity that has not adjusted with inflation,  is not tied to the devaluation of the Dollar, nor follows the rise in Gold and Oil. America's Natural Gas is trading at 2003 rates and when adjusted for inflation is closer to 2000 rates.  Why?  Because multitudes of Americans are developing this vast resource not a handful of multinational concerns.  They are bringing an abundant supply of American energy to the market; in New York State alone we have over 3000 gas wells.  Drill here drill now works!  American ingenuity in energy technology has fostered a boom in natural gas prospecting. Hundreds of small to medium size American energy companies are creating...(Read Full Post)