Democrats are's not about Sex...

I have a question for Anthony Weiner whom this old combat veteran refuses to "sir" or address with the respect due his office, which he obviously so little respects. My question is simply this:

How did you know with any "certitude" that you weren't exchanging salacious emails and engaging in phone sex with agents of the Russian Federation, the Peoples' Republic of China or even the Israeli Mossad?

If police departments all across the country use female decoy programs to apprehend sexual predators then does it not stand to reason that intelligence agencies would employ similar tactics to ensnare those politicians and bureaucrats foolish enough to engage in such wildly irresponsible activity in public forums? Any intelligence agency that isn't actively combing these Internet social networks looking for fools of influence like Weiner is guilty of gross negligence.

Purely and simply, any congressperson dumb enough to do what Anthony Weiner has done is guilty of even greater gross negligence. Somehow or other, I don't see the requisite courage in Anthony Weiner that would be needed to come forth to the authorities should he be so honey-trapped. Moreover, this phony has misrepresented himself to his constituents as a hard working champion of their needs. As the young women he engaged in such sexual activity have volunteered, Weiner was doing the dirty on his taxpayers' dime. He was having verbal sexual congress on congressional phone lines when he should have been taking care of the peoples' business on the floor of Congress.

What's more, even at his tearful press conference, this irresponsible, immature congressman who is obviously confusing matters of sexual congress with those of our national congress, continued his untruthful ways when he denied that he had engaged in such verbal sexual dialogue while ensconced within the walls of his congressional office. Among those now coming forward to relate their relations with Weiner is one young woman who has stated clearly and unequivocally that he called her from his congressional office and has the proof to back her claim.

Weiner is an arrogant fool. Worse, he's a walking, talking, too intimately-photographed security risk that our country cannot afford. If he won't resign then the House leadership needs to neuter this over-sexed, leg-humping little pup and send him to the shelter. And we all should be abundantly thankful that  Andrew Breitbart's intelligence-gathering organization  is apparently more efficient than the many national security agencies who could have blackmailed this clueless clown to force him to vote their way on any number of issues.

If they haven't already...

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