Defiant Spanish Language lecture of Texas legislators goes viral with video

Video of the testimony of immigrant rights activist Antolin Aguirre, who chose to lecture Texas legislators in Spanish Monday, despite living in the United States for 23 years and taking naturalized citizenship in 2001, was posted on YouTube, and has gone viral after being posted by Drudge. David Paulin brought the shocking display of arrogance to national attention on Thursday on AT. Here is the brief video, demonstrating that Aguirre speaks fine English, courtesy of Stand with Arizona, which edited the clip from 3 hours of testimony:                           This can only be described as ethnic chauvinism. A gringo would never get away with this in Mexico. It is one thing to speak in one's native tongue in a quest to be acurate. But Aguirre was reading from a prepared statement, and demonstrates a fine command of English, as ought to be the case for anyone of adequate intelligence living in this country for...(Read Full Post)