Debt Ceiling Negotiations: the GOP's Advantage

Speaker John Boehner should be heartened.  Results of a new Washington Post-ABC News poll show that Republicans have the advantage in negotiations with Democrats over a debt ceiling increase. An article in today's Washington Post reveals that there's strong bipartisan support among Americans for the Republican positions on government debt and spending.  Post reporters Lori Montgomery and Jon Cohen write: ... 55 percent of Democrats and half of Republicans and independents support a debt-limit deal that includes a steep reduction in the size of government. But 37 percent of Republicans, a third of independents and nearly a fifth of Democrats say they are against raising the debt limit, under any circumstances. Importantly, the poll was conducted among adults, not registered or high propensity voters.  Among voters, the numbers may be even stronger for the GOP's negotiating positions. The Post article leads with fears that failure to raise the...(Read Full Post)