Anthony Weiner 'can't say with certitude' that the picture isn't him

Has Anthony Weiner taken so many pictures of his tumescent crotch that he can't remember them all?  That would seem to be the implication of his statement to NBC today.  Stephanie Condon of CBS reports: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) said today that he did not send a lewd photo to a college student from his Twitter account, but he evaded questions as to whether the photograph was of him. "Well, the main question that a lot of people are asking is did I send the photograph," Weiner said in an interview with CBS News. "I did not. This was a prank, a hoax." The congressman avoided answering the question directly to CBS News. In an interview with NBC, Weiner said, "I can't say with certitude" that the picture is not of him. The mind boggles.  What kind of man photographs himself in this fashion and can't remember?  It is clear from the cross section of the public that Weiner chose to "follow" on Twitter, that he has a rather special interest in comely young females....(Read Full Post)