All is not well in Obamaland as fundraising falls short

President Obama has set a goal of raising $1 billion for his reelection campaign. Is that a realistic number? Can he make it? The answer to those questions is; not at the current rate his campaign is raising money. National Journal: With a strong connection to the grassroots and expertise with social networking, President Obama's reelection team mastered the art of hitting up small donors in the 2008 campaign. But there are telltale signs that the grassroots army that propelled him is in a much less giving mood. It's not a huge surprise; the bad economy has hit Obama's small donors too. When you're having trouble paying the bills, you're not exactly pining to pitch in hard-earned money to help a powerful president. A sign Team Obama is looking elsewhere: A Los Angeles Times report that Obama's reelection team is already asking wealthy donors to commit the maximum $75,800 to the president's campaign funds. If Obama's re-election starts looking more difficult next year, donors may well...(Read Full Post)