Why Israel cannot trade land for peace

President Obama's call for Israel's return to 1967 boarders is an abomination. As Dr. Leonard Peikoff once wrote:

"Land for peace" is a repugnant formula for Israel's self-immolation. The right of a civilized nation to self-defense against its barbarous enemies is a moral absolute. It should not be surrendered in a vain attempt to appease the initiators of war. It is a moral perversion to demand that Israel give back the very land it captured in the process of defending itself against wars launched by the Arab aggressors.

The legitimacy of any state is based on how much it respects its citizens individual rights. The Islamists in Palestine are not fighting for land to implement a rights-respecting republic, they want land and "sovereignty" to put into place a bloody Islamic Theocracy.

Israel, on the other hand, substantially respects its citizens individual rights. It is by this virtue that their sovereignty is legitimate. It is also the reason why Israel is supported by liberty loving people all over the world.

The choice of President Obama couldn't be any clearer. Israel is a bastion of Western civilization where human rights are respected; the Palestinian Islamists are butchers who do not recognize anyone's right to life and liberty. He knows this. And he chose to speak out on the latter's behalf.


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