The Baehr Essentials

First: Time to debunk the rumor that Donald Trump has demanded that he White House release the  long form death certificate for Osama Bin Laden. 

1.  So who carried out the mission? It appears that it was a team which the odious Seymour Hersh in a New Yorker article called Dick Cheney's Assassination Squad. 

MEMRI says Indian media are reporting that Bin Laden was living in an ISI safe house (Pakistani intelligence service).   This makes sense- this was not a cave in Waziristan, but a suburb of Islamabad.  Though the President said last night that Pakistan cooperated with our strike, I doubt it.  

Marc Ambinder on how the operation went down. 

Daniel Pipes offers a quick take- a symbolic victory, but Islamic radicalism and terrorism will continue.

J Street lover Peter Beinart says the killing of Bin Laden means the war on terror is over,  and now we can bring the troops home, and cut defense spending (and raise taxes) to solve the deficit problem, and stop Muslim bashing at home .  This is what we get from one of the left's supposed brighter lights. 

This is no surprise: Hamas is very unhappy that the U.S. took out Bin Laden.   Now they are part of the P.A again, and one price for their inclusion-Salam Fayyad needs to be thrown out of the government. Israel is supposed to give territory to this bunch, and the U.S. is supposed to financially support  them ,and allow them to create a new state without any negotiations  with Israel? Come again? 

Michael Kelly, one of the nation's top journalists, was killed in Iraq  soon after the war began in 2003. Here is his column on the attacks from 9/12/2001:  

2.  Nicholas Kristof, very excited about the fall of Mubarak,  told his readers that we are all Egyptians now.  So how is it working out so far in Egypt?   The Egyptians pressured the P.A. to bring Hamas into the government.   The Egyptians are planning on opening the border from Sinai to Gaza.   The gas pipeline to Israel has been cut off  twice by attacks.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which has not become more moderate,  seems well positioned to win a large number parliamentary seats.   And some of those charming "secular liberal democrats" in the streets, gang raped and beat up CBS reporter Lara Logan.

Her story.

3. Some of America's future warriors react to the news of Bin Laden's death. This is worth a few minutes:

The Naval Academy

West Point 

4. Dore Gold on the Palestinians' September U.N. gambit.