Taliban attacks Karachi naval air base

Pakistan's version of the Taliban attacked a naval air base in force, killing 11 and wounding dozens.

If you play with fire, you are bound to get burned. The BBC:

The troops are now said to be "mopping up" after the raid, which has left 10 soldiers and at least three attackers dead.

Reports hostages including foreigners were taken were denied, and foreigners at the base are said to be safe.

The Pakistan Taliban says the raid was to avenge Osama Bin Laden's killing by US special forces on 2 May.

"It was the revenge of martyrdom of Osama Bin Laden. It was the proof that we are still united and powerful," Ehsanullah Ehsan told Reuters news agency.

They have carried out several attacks since then.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said 10 soldiers had died and 15 were wounded in the attack.

Two attackers were also killed and a third blew himself up. Another is believed to be buried under debris and two more are thought to have escaped.

An unexploded suicide jacket and live grenades were found, the minister added.

The Taliban in Pakistan is getting stronger, bolder, and more organized. While they sometimes target civilians, the Taliban has been attacking police and army facilities lately, demonstrating a willingness to engage. Would continued attacks on the military provoke a coup? You have to wonder if that isn't their main goal since it would turn the population against the government and make them a viable alternative  for many Pakistanis.