'Responsibility to Protect'.... Everyone except Texans

Over 2.2 million acres of Texas land have been lost to wildfires due to severe dry conditions caused by drought.  Across the state, hundreds of homes and countless livestock have been lost.  As a result, Texas Governor Rick Perry requested federal emergency funds to assist in fighting the ongoing fires.

Today, President Obama has declined that request.

Well, we know that the President "loves Texas."  He said so in this interview.

I'm sure the denial of federal emergency funds is simply an example of fiscal responsibility and thriftiness - just as denying the Houston Space Center one of the space shuttles had no political motivation behind it.   Los Angeles deserved a space shuttle!  After all, in the movie "Space Cowboys" the shuttle crash landed there !

As a native Texan, I'm smart enough to know that, were federal funds provided in assistance, it would be stupid to refuse them.  However, as a native Texan, I also know that Texans are tough folks.  They're proud, resilient, self-reliant, and will end the end triumph over this disaster.  The money would be nice, Mr. President. But don't worry. After it's all said and done, we'll forever remember those who stepped up to lend us a helping hand - and those who didn't.
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