Remember when?

Remember how the media used to sneer that the jib growth being reported represented "McJobs" -low paying unskilled part time work that didn't include benefits or provide for advancement?   That seems to have changed thi week with the media's celebration of the new jobs report.  As is noted by Wesley J. Smith at NRO:

The good news is that the economy added about 268,000 new jobs. The bad news is that 25 percent (62,000) were from McDonald's. That's honorable and respectable work, of course. But consider this: Had the Obama administration not granted McD's a waiver from having to abide by the law, it might not have added all those workers.

The law Smith refers to is ObamaCare.  While McDonald's as a restuarant idea began in 1940s California, the corporation was founded in a suburb of Chicago and is currently headquartered in Oakbrook, Illinois. Its executives have seen how crony capitalism is played the Chicago way.