Osama Bin Laden and his tourist hideaway

I wonder if others were struck as I was by where bin Laden was finally run to ground (hooray!!).  It turns out that Abbottabad, the city in which he was living, is a tourist favorite because of its mild climate and picturesque location (I get this from the mighty Wikipedia).

Hmmm...so bin Laden was not exactly living rough in some cave in Waziristan in solidarity with his followers attacking the Great Satan in Afghanistan.  Rather, he was living in a commodious and well-fortified compound in a tourist town -- sort of Pakistan's equivalent of having a mansion in the Hamptons.  No cra*ping behind rocks for him.  I guess that is for the "little people" in his fight.

What does it say that when one scratches Lefties, one finds them living large?  Bill Ayers lives in the private enclave of Hyde Park, presumably with a nice assist from daddy's money which certainly supported him during his bombing days.  As students of history know, the ur-Lefty, the Frenchman Jean Jacques Rousseau, sent his children to orphanages as they arrived and lived well off a succession of rich wives.  Karl Marx was able to find the time to ruminate in the British Library because he was supported by Friedrich Engels, heir to an industrial fortune.

I wonder if some of the bitterness of these Lefties is (a) because they cannot make it in the world on their own and (b) resent the people whose support they depend on.  Osama bin Laden was a rich kid who never did a day's work in his life. 

I think it does say something important that you rarely find a Lefty walking the walk of the "working class" for whom they allegedly bleed, but either sponging off rich family or friends and if the revolution comes, positioning themselves as the nomenklatura that lives large off the sweat of their alleged comrades in the working class, as they did in the Soviet Union.  One even thinks of Nancy Pelosi's 757.

Talk about false prophets!