Obama's Pledge to Joplin

Regarding the devastation caused by the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri, President Obama pledged that "every home will be rebuilt, every business will be restored."

Encouraging, inspiring words; what you would expect of an American president.

But I can't help but think of the unstated subtext of Obama's pledge:

"Whatever it costs to rebuild Joplin and restore to the people there what the tornado destroyed; however much money it takes, that is how much money we will print! I, Barack Obama, have personally ordered our printers, who are already working overtime, to step up their production. so that we will have enough to airlift directly to Joplin however many bundles of freshly-printed currency the unfortunate folks there need!"

Thomas Lifson adds:

Does Obama mean that those who didn't pay for insurance will be treated no better than those who didn't bother? What's the point of having insurance is Obama will pay for rebuilding?

More subsidies for irresponsibility means that we will get more irresponsibility.

All in the name of compassion, of course.

People who take care of themselves on their own are suckers, in Obama's America.
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