Obama's Next Vacation

Given the hectic pace of recent events, it is clear that President Obama and his family will soon need a vacation. So it's time to find an appropriate vacation spot for them to visit. The perfect spot would be SEAL Beach California! Why would it be so perfect, let us count the ways!

For President Obama:

1) It's SEAL BEACH, as in Sea, Air, Land Beach!

2) It is an easy commute to his Hollywood donors, but it is still right on the beach! He can frolic in the surf and show off his ripped body in a swimsuit. He can ever surf at Ray Bay!

3) It is adjacent to the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos. This base has an airfield large enough for Air Force One to land. With that hot-shot pilot who did a dazzling aerobatics display circling the Statue of Liberty at helm, he could do a rapid, circling descent into the base while his adoring public watches from the Queen Mary in nearby Long Beach. That would allow him to one-up Hillary, whose landing under fire in the Balkans was not documented on TV.

4) The major employer in Seal Beach is the Boeing Company, employing roughly 1,000 people. Its facility was originally built to manufacture the second stage of the Saturn V rocket for NASA's Apollo manned space flight missions to the Moon and for the Skylab program. Boeing Homeland Security & Services (airport security, etc.) is based in Seal Beach and Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems (satellite systems and classified programs) is headquartered in Seal Beach. Boeing is the world's largest satellite manufacturer.

5) He could visit the port of Long Beach to see all those mega-container ships deliver their cargoes of Chinese goods to the hungry American market.

6) He can view the islands named in honor of the early astronauts who gave their lives for space exploration, Grissom, White, Chaffee & Freeman, and marvel at how our oil fueled economy can prosper from offshore drilling without unsightly oil wells.

For Michelle

1) There are lots of Mexican restaurants nearby, so she'll never be far from a tamale.

2) The adoring press will be constantly buzzing around in the native home of the paparazzi!

3) Oprah lives just a few miles up the beach.

4) She'll be spending our taxpayer money in America.

Truly the perfect vacation spot for our First Couple!
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