Obama Takes Ownership of Second Term

Conservative critics pummeled our clueless President over a botched toast at Buckingham Palace but they may have missed his remarks at Westminster Abbey.

The Dean of Westminster welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Obama into the famous site on the first day of their state visit. Dr Hall then proceeded to recount the church's historical significance.

Westminster Abbey is known as the House of God and the House of Kings, where God is worshipped every day and where many great men and women are buried or memorialised.

Afterward, the Obamas spoke to the choirboys who performed William Byrd's Justorum Animae for them. Dr. Hall stated that the President told the youngsters that "in his second term he would come back and visit because it was just too short."

The 2012 election must have been on the President's mind at the Abbey. Besides promising the boys he would be back "in his second term" he proceeded to ask the Dean what the date was and wrote 24 May 2008. Did Michelle tell him to act as if he was running for the first time?

At the end of their tour Dr. Hall described a relaxed, joking Obama who suggested that Mrs. Obama was having all the fun visiting historic places. He then told the Dean "It's not in my job description to have fun."

While 200 mile-an-hour winds were swallowing up hospitals, homes, buildings and people in Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City and other Midwestern towns the President was having plenty of fun ping ponging and swilling Guinness. Not even the tragedy in Joplin will dissuade the audacious one from cutting short his European non-fun ‘fun.'

M. Catharine Evans writes for Potter Williams Report

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