Obama fundraising has a so so start

So reports Marc Ambinder in National Journal.  The money is coming in from the big donors -- the wealthy liberals who can give 30K to the DNC and max out for Obama.  It is not coming in at the pace of 2007 and 2008 as far as small donations online.  One campaign aide says the one billion goal was unrealistic, and he would be happy to hit the 750 million level achieved in 2008. My guess is he is lowballing, and expect to do better than 750 million. But once the one billion numbers was out there, the expectation was that this was a lowball number, or it would not have been announced.

Thomas Lifson adds: If a Republican candidate had announced his intent to raise an unprecedented billion dollars for his campaign, the cries of corrupt money politics would be deafening by now. But for Obama, not a peep from the liberal media.