Obama and Susie's Lemonade Stand

Verizon has a great Ad running on TV which sums up the quintessential American Dream, B.O. (Before Obama), in thirty-two seconds:

The story told and retold through out American History from the beginning.  Some one -- anyone with an idea -- for building and selling a "better mouse trap" by using or creating American technology and his/her own God given talents could create new successful and profitable businesses, repeatedly. It is the story of America.

Contrast Susie's short story with that of our President.  Barack Obama does not, to this day, have a ten year old's thirty-two seconds of private business experience; nor by the way does Obama have any new and novel ideas which are actually productive for the U.S. economy.

Stimulus "shakedowns" and "Quantitative Easing" are not beneficial to the general economy; as Frederick Bastiat postulated in his "Broken Window" essay.  Quantitative Easing actually doubles the original losses and will multiply them again, once higher interest rates inevitably kick in.

Obama's shake downs are only beneficial to Big Government at the expense of the general economy.

Verizon wisely leaves out the reality of Obama's America.

You can be sure Barack and his fellow leeches, at all bureaucratic levels, who had nothing whatever to do with Susie's success, will be in line, palms up, shaking her down or  "Regulating" her out of business if she doesn't capitulate. This used to be called fascism now it is Obamanomics. Think I exaggerate? Look no further than G.M.

How much longer is the "Tail going to be wagging to dog?"

Susie's "success" and "profits" are now dirty words, while the "F-bomb" is now considered normal spoken intercourse by too many.

Will we have to be totally destitute before we wake up? Point your finger at Obama if you want to, but "We" elected him.

I'd rather find someone for the highest job in the land who can actually run an honest lemonade stand.