Michelle Obama Can't Let Criticism of Her Rapper Go

The First Lady is not content with corrupting American children at the White House. In a Q&A with British high school girls at Oxford University Michelle continued to promote the rapper Common. Bizarre.

And then we had a poetry night and Common was there. He's very cute. But everybody from poet laureates to hip-hop folks, being able to mix up the world in that very interesting way, the White House allows you to do that.

A bitter Michelle can't help getting a dig in about "the White House" allowing her to "mix up the world." (Did she really go to Princeton?)

A couple of weeks ago the conservative media rightfully objected to Common's presence in the People's House. Mr. Obama defended his wife's decision to invite a man who writes repulsive lyrics like a track called "Communism," a love song to a cop killer, and sexually explicit misogynistic ‘poems.'

There are no rules on what makes a great poem...a great poem is one that...challenges us and teaches us something about ourselves.

Following the President's lead, leftist comedian Jon Stewart, who owns millions in real estate and lives far from the inner city where violent rap really takes a toll, ridiculed concerned Americans.

By the way, songs are not literal. When The Weather Girls sing, "It's raining men," it's not really precipitation of males.

What Stewart conveniently omits about the poetry slam at the White House on May 11 is that area children were invited. Sometimes, Jon, for kids without proper parental supervision songs are "literal." You should have learned that in psychology class.

As an adult Michelle can listen to gangsta rap all the livelong day. No one cares. But when she corrals area students into the people's house for how-to workshops then it becomes child endangerment. And that is the public's business.

Michelle Obama doesn't like being called out. Acting like a defiant teenager herself she chose to mention the rapper thousands of miles away on a European trip. As far as we know, during the course of her discussion with the girls at Oxford she did not laud any other performer who attended the White House program, only Common. How absolutely disturbing on so many levels.

M. Catharine Evans writes for Potter Williams Report