Mainstream Media's Mea Culpa: Arab Spring or Nuclear Winter?

The Washington Post wrote Thursday that the "Arab Spring" has taken "an altogether darker and more sinister turn, one in which the prospect of a brighter future no longer seems so readily assured."

So the media is finally recognizing what was happening from the very first in US-allied Muslim countries across the world.

Uh, I told you so -- from the very first "Allahu akbar" I warned readers of my website (and anyone who would listen) that Islamic supremacists would seize power and destroy the little democratic reforms that had inched their way into many of these backward, barbaric cultures. It was little noted that these uprisings were stirring in the Muslim countries with the most freedom -- such actions were near impossible where the iron fist of Islamic law reigned.

And while leftwing media pundits derided former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (who was no prince, I grant you), he was our ally, and Egypt was the only Arab country to sign a peace accord with Israel. Now that peace looks increasingly tenuous, as Muslim Brotherhood leadership calls for the end of the peace, the end of Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are in the streets as we speak, chanting for the destruction of Israel, in line with the anti-Semitism of the Qur'an and the commands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mubarak had been a U.S. ally for decades. We send three billion dollars a year to Egypt. Yes, Mubarak needed to institute more democratic reform. It should also be noted that the democratic reforms that were advancing in Egypt came to a dead end when the Democrats took control in 2006. Egyptian bloggers lamented that the pressure that Bush was exerting on Mubarak was off.

And now a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, has declared his intention to run for President of Egypt. As I said all along, it was always about Muslim Brotherhood. And it' not going to end well. Will the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, who have formed a coalition to institute an Islamic state in Egypt, allow for anything but the Sharia? Never. As bad as Mubarak was, Islamic law is far worse.

But be prepared for a silver-tongued sales job by big media on how wonderful the genocidal supremacist Muslim Brotherhood is.

The only revolution that was poised to break the back of Islamic domination and oppression was in Iran in the summer of 2009. The streets were filled with women not shrouded in cloth coffins, but women with lipstick and eyeliner marching for freedom. They were mowed down like grass, and Barack Obama did nothing. Worse, his sanction was tacit approval for one of the most brutal Islamic regimes on the face of the earth.

If we had a president whose foreign policy objectives served America (and the free world), he would have assisted in removing the Iranian mullahcracy; instead, he backed the mullahs in Iran and later the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Iran is the head of the snake. Iran is agitating in Iraq (and has been for years). Iran is supporting Hamas (the Muslim Brotherhood) in Gaza and Hezb'Allah on Lebanon; Iran is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; Iran is agitating the Shias in Bahrain; etc. Iran has been at war with us since 1979 (the taking of the hostages) and 1983, the Marine barrack bombings in Lebanon, which killed 241 of our beloved Marines. It has always been Iran.

So what did Obama do when he had a chance to help topple the Iranian mullahcracy? Nothing, but he helped remove American allies in the region. He aided and abetted the rise of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, with the indispensable aid of a media that plays a dangerous and deadly game of allying with our enemies, even as their own reporters (i.e. Lara Logan) are fair game. The media, like lemmings, was silent and complicit as well, ignoring innumerable stories unfavorable to the mullahs.

And now Obama intends to renew his Muslim outreach to the ummah. Renew? Uh, when did he stop?

You mean Osama bin Laden's elaborate Islamic burial wasn't enough?

Wasn't Obama's last submission tour to the Muslim world enough?

Obama is set "to deliver a speech to Muslim world" -- wasn't his last speech capitulation enough?

I contend that the American people are sick of this submission. The President of the United States should not be prostrating himself for a supremacist ideology whose objective is to destroy and dominate us.

The Muslim world should be doing the outreach to Coptic Christians in Egypt, to Jews in Israel and across the world, to Christians in Indonesia, Nigeria, Timor, Thailand, Bangladesh, Kenya, Chechnya, etc., Hindus in India, non-Muslims in Pakistan, women, children...Yet their idea of outreach is "dawah" (proselytizing).

Meanwhile, Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square, birthplace of the "Arab Spring," Egyptians were burning Israeli flags calling for the end of the peace. For that we have Obama to thank.
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