Jay Leno Does Osama: 'The Pakistani Hillbillies'

Americans have a sense of humor, even when confronting abject evil. The "Tonight Show's" Jay Leno, for instance, has been finding lots of humor this week in the death of terror master Osama bin Laden. One gem from Leno's show was a skit called "The Pakistani Hillbillies" -- starring none other than Osama bin Laden. 

Americans during WW-2  loved poking fun at two larger-than-life and goose-steeping manifestations of fascist evil -- Hitler and Mussolini. So it's perhaps no surprise that Islamo-fascists should be good for plenty of laughs, too.They may be terrorists and existential enemies, but in the end they're also a bunch of squares -- or hillbillies if you well.

Enjoy the show.