It's all a conspiracy

As I listen to the Obama is Awesome crowd spin his gaffe-filled trip to Ireland and Great Britain I am surprised this theory hasn't come up.  Maybe the President couldn't remember what year it was after visiting Buckingham Palace because he became a victim of a vast conspiracy between the Royal Family and the Freemasons.  After all, the head of Scotland Yard's Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department  is the hereditary custodian of  Rosslyn Chapel.  The ancient church features prominently in The Da Vinci Code and has long been the focus of conspiracy theories revolving around the alleged treasures of the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail and the Sinclair family's ties to the Freemasons

Rosslyn Smith

PS: It's so much fun to debunk conspiracy theories.  Any treasure under Rosslyn Chapel certainly would have been dug up and spent by the notorious thrice married  Fifth Earl (1869-1939) who was an unrepentant spendthrift, an alcoholic and a reckless gambler.   As for mysteries, the only one I have ever seen in my research is why on earth my grandparents decided to name their firstborn after 1910's version of Charlie Sheen.