Germany's impending energy suicide

Germany, a nation known throughout its history as having a penchant for national suicide, is about to repeat the process.  The coalition government of Andrea Merkel has decided to scrap all nuclear power generation by 2022.  Additionally the country will switch off 17 plants this year and the other nine by 2022.  This as a reaction to the Fukushima nuclear melt-down and re-election requirements.

They will instead rely on renewable energy for the shortfall of 35% of electricity that nuclear power plants now produce.  Coal which generates 55% is also under heavy criticism and regulatory pressure to phase out this source of energy as well.   Germany, which has very little natural gas, must rely on Russia and liquefied natural gas as a substitute for both nuclear and coal.  A highly dubious and foolhardy measure in today's world.

There is simply not enough (nor will there ever be) wind, solar, or other so-called renewable sources to substitute for nuclear and coal.  Therefore as Germany is hell-bent on destroying its economy and manufacturing base, which make it the foremost economy in Europe.  China and the United States, if it gets its economy on track by removing a myriad of taxes and regulations, will benefit enormously as a major competitor decides to commit suicide.
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