First Lady Loves Risqué Beyonce

In her zeal to promote the anti-obesity Let's Move campaign Michelle Obama has teamed up with Beyonce to promote a dance video. Maybe Michelle should have vetted the singer before she joined forces with her.

In a surprise visit to D.C.'s Alice Deal Middle School, Michelle O praised the students for practicing the Dougie to Beyonce's "Move Your Body" video. Then the First Lady joined in with some ‘dougie-ing' of her own while cameras rolled, kids screamed and Secret Service personnel kept watch.

Michelle told the middle schoolers, "I know all of you love Beyoncé, right? Me too! Beyoncé is one of my favorite performers on the planet."

Here's a message for Michelle from concerned, fed up parents everywhere: stop. It's bad enough that the billion dollar program focusing on the body emanates from a progressive agenda which has almost annihilated traditional institutions like the nuclear family, religion and self-respect in the last 100 years. 

But now in true leftist style, the First Lady of the United States goes a step further. She markets Beyonce, a singer whose sexualized videos, song lyrics and inappropriate dress have prompted criticism from her own fans. How reckless of Michelle to push the soft porn ‘artistry' of Beyonce onto a demographic already wandering around in a moral wilderness.

A 2006 video of her song "Déjà vu" with Jay-Z begins with a naked Beyonce up against a green wall. The two are shown later in the video alone in a room dancing around each other which eventually leads to "a controversial oral sex scene."

In 2010 Rolling Stone Magazine waited in anticipation for a Beyonce/Lady Gaga collaboration "Video Phone" that the reviewer described as "a nine-minute-and-thirty-second mash-up of lesbian prison porn, campy sexploitation flicks and insidery winks at the two divas' public personas."

And take a look at these lyrics. Don't they sound positively life affirming for the pre- teen crowd?

You like it when I shake it

Shawty on a mission

What yo name is?

What? You want me naked?

If you likin' this position

You can tape it

On ya video phone

Hustlers keep on talkin'

You like the way its poppin'

You sayin' that you want me

Press record I'll let you film me

On ya video phone

Make a cameo

Tape me on your video phone

The music video accompanying the song has Michelle Obama's " favorite singer on the whole planet" showing a lot of skin, grabbing her breasts, and  holding guns and rifles seductively while men ogle her every move.

And if anyone thinks that this ‘adult-only' material is unavailable to children check out a video posted on Youtube with 7-year olds dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." The sexed up outfits make the pics of murdered Jon Benet Ramsey look tame. And then there's the gyrating and shaking of body parts while adults in the audience spurred them on.

As a former liberal I'm no saint, but Michelle Obama using my tax money to mix promiscuity with an anti-obesity campaign is way over the top. It's time we started calling these ‘entertainers,' politicians and do-gooders out.

Children can't filter fantasy from reality; that's part of being a child. They must rely on adults to set what is age appropriate and what is not. When officials at the highest level of government push role models that clearly do not have children's best interest at heart then it's time to call them out.

M.Catharine Evans writes for Potter Williams Report
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