Chomsky's take on the assassination of OBL

Chomsky Is At It Again

According to Noam Chomsky, assassinating OBL is like an Iraqi commando unit storming the Bush compound and plugging the former president. Actually, since Bush is a bigger terrorist than OBL, there is more justification for the latter than the former.

Moreover, by the Bush Doctrine whereby “societies that harbor terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves and should be treated accordingly," it follows it would be justifiable to invade and destroy the US and “ murder its criminal president.” Is Chomsky referring to President Obama? There is no mention of Obama in his article. It seems Chomsky is still fixated on Bush to the point that it requires an effort on his part to see Obama as president. If assassinating OBL is a criminal act and would justify corresponding retaliation, Chomsky is maintaining that the assassination of Obama is justifiable. Murder the "criminal president" Obama? Chomsky might be getting a visit from his favorite government agency. Plus, Chomsky contends, that while OBL has never been proven to be the mastermind behind 9/11, there is no doubt that (Obama/Bush) ordered the assassination of OBL.

How can Chomsky stand to live in such a demonic, evil country? The US in his mind is morally equivalent to Nazi Germany.

Hitchens has fun with the Chomsky Syndrome in today’s Slate article. Chomsky comes off as the pretentious intellectualized version of Michael Moore who is convinced that “we” (the US) is responsible for the creation of the OBLs of the Middle East. The real crime of the US is that it is responsible for nurturing Chomsky and his dumb doppelganger, Michael Moore.