Carlos Santana wants to change our evil ways

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana took to the field in Atlanta over the weekend to participate in Major League Baseball's Civil Rights Game, where he was being honored with a "Beacon of Change" award.  When he had the chance to step in front of a microphone, he slammed Arizona and Georgia for their laws that clamp down on border violators.  He said the two states should be "ashamed" for their actions that affect illegal immigration.

Santana also said: "I would invite all Latin people to do nothing for about two weeks so you can see who really, really is running the economy. Who cleans the sheets? Who cleans the toilets? Who babysits? I am here to give voice to the invisible."

Also over the weekend, it was announced that Santana will bring his latest tour to Phoenix for a concert on September 18th.  Ticket prices range from $25.50 to $131.50, according to an article in the Arizona Republic. 

How many sheets does one have to clean to pay for a seat to Santana's concert?  How many toilets must one clean?  It seems as if the "invisible" that he says he represents will also be "invisible" at his high priced concert venue.
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