Barack Obama's Aborted Sibling?

Say what you will about President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, but at least she chose life.  Given the track record of her putative husband, Barack Obama Sr., this would surely not have been his idea.

Although the media have taken some notice of Barack Obama Sr.'s immigration documents secured by the Arizona Independent, almost all focus on Obama's Harvard years and yet overlook a disturbing bit of news therein.

Only the British press has addressed the most scandalous allegation in these documents.   Key words were redacted in the file, but the redactions do not hide the abortion of what would have been Barack Obama's half sister or brother.

A March 1964 INS document more than suggests that Obama impregnated a Kenyan high school girl in Massachusetts on an exchange program. 

The girl left inexplicably for London -- a trip almost assuredly subsidized by the 29 year-old Obama -- and this caught the attention of our then vigilant immigration officials.

"The suspicion exists," a March 1964 INS document said, "that she may have gone to London for [redacted]".  The girl cited a visit to her sister, but upon checking, officials discovered she had no sister in London.

"At the time," reports the U.K. Telegraph, "abortions were illegal in the US."  They were not illegal in England. No wonder Obama was strapped for funds.  No wonder Harvard wanted him gone.  Those were the days.
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