An apology to Israelis

On behalf of most Americans, I apologize for our president.  He has apologized to other peoples for America.  I figured it's time for an American to apologize to other people for him.

Quite frankly, we're a bit perplexed ourselves about our president.  He seems to stand against much of why America is a great country.  It's as if he doesn't believe in the great ideals on which we were founded.  I understand we often fall short of those ideals, but he seems to think the ideals themselves are fundamentally flawed, and therefore we are somehow wrong in, or unworthy of, pursuing them.

He doesn't seem overly concerned with abiding by his words or our Constitution, which means he doesn't seem to respect truth or the rule of law.  He practices what we call Chicago politics, or what some have called gangster government.

His policies operate to hold down achievement and negate exceptionalism, as if that were able to help raise up others.  It's not just him, though.  There are other Americans who believe that holding back others some how is an issue of equality.  Odd, isn't it?

You are familiar with Jews in America who seem aligned against Israel.  They're known by friends of Israel as self-loathing Jews.

Americans who apologize to the world about America and disdain our exceptionalism I guess we can call self-loathing Americans.

I hate to say such things about an American president, but, as the old saying goes, if you can't be kind, be honest.  We who criticize him for his words and deeds are called racists and other bad things, mostly by the people who side with the self-loathing Jews.  So, you see the pattern.  These people seem to ignore realities for their ideologies.

Please, therefore, don't hold it against us that we elected him.  We're better than that.   We're coming around, though.  We hope our ‘mulligan' doesn't hurt your security and prospects for peace.  Come to think of it, we hope it doesn't affect ours.